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Someone on Facebook once said to me, "Canadians! What have they contributed?" In the moment, I was taken aback—how could anyone challenge our standing? Of course my response was, "Everything!" Our country is young by some standards, but we have positively impacted so many fields of human endeavour, including science, technology, medicine, engineering and infrastructure.

There is also a long list of Canadians who have earned acclaim around the world in sports, the arts, entertainment, philanthropy and politics. We are proud to be one of the few founding members of the United Nations. I could go on! The simple beauty of Canada is that everyone is willing to pitch in toward a common good.

"E pluribus unum" — latin for, "out of many, one" — is the American national motto, referring to the union formed in 1776 from separate states. The USA famously crows about diversity and democracy, but Canada is no less a leader, only quieter. Whether America is a bolder version of us, or we a more peace-cherishing version of them, much more unites our two nations than separates us.

Our design concepts reflect the diversity in both the US and Canada,across all meaningful spectrums, including culture, creed, sexual orientation, race, age, or physical/mental ability.  In Canada, we are all bonded by the maple leaf, while our US design concept reflects "One of 50 stars" on the American flag. Each star representing a unique point of view. No matter your background or heritage, it is reflected in the leaf and the star.

43northapparel represents the best in all of us. Our goal is to help unite despite what's happening in current events. Through sport and other cultural events where our apparel can be worn and displayed.

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