Charitable Affilations

A recent move from the suburbs to downtown Toronto opened my eyes to a lot of things. I have experienced an amazing mixture of cultures, fashion, energies and lifestyles. Downtown Toronto is like no other place in the world and, proud of its unique worldview, it is no longer a secret to the cognoscenti. This enviable cosmopolitan mix is ever evolving, never stagnant, but one difficult thing I see downtown that I was not exposed to in the suburbs is homelessness.

It may be a less pervasive problem here relative to other famous "world-class" cities (winter weather may be a factor), but I've been humbled by the suffering I do encounter. Toronto is a modern, developed city with some resources, but our international makeup made me wonder about people in even more dire circumstances. We made up our minds to help in some way to relieve suffering in some of the more difficult conditions around the world.

Right now, Puerto Rico and Haiti, right here in our hemisphere, are enduring desperate times. Homelessness, as well as food insecurity, and extended electricity outages are widespread hardships that many families have continued to bear after overwhelming natural disasters.

43n-79w will donate a portion of profits to effective, impactful organizations working in these countries to make positive changes. The sooner we understand that citizens of the world have common needs and dreams, the sooner we realize that we are all in this together.

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